Open Source Development

Are you looking for quality open source customization services at a very reasonable price? Our talented open source experts can help you to attain your goals.

Open source is always a good solution to save development time and start a business with ease so why not to adopt it? Yes, it lacks in fulfiling business requiremens and quality but experts in MakSol are always there to help you!

Thanks to our valuable clients who always trusted us and we helped them to attain their goals while delivering business solutions in right open source for them.

Maksol Technologies has repository of skilled developers to give you solution in following:

Enterprise Solutions

Maksol is passionate about helping our client to build successful business, not just applications.

That's why our ideology is different from other online enterprise solution providers. We believe in delivering perfection and excellence in our work that helps our clients to improve their business applications and meet the requirements of their business goals.

Our Enterprise solution experts enable you to better keep eye on latest market trends, influences and changes in an efficient and effective way.

We are serving our clients for enterprise solutions in these Microsoft products, currently:

Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development is a another specialty of Maksol! Analyze, Develop, and Run an Application, that is how we work at Maksol. It can be as simple as a ping pong game to as much complex as open office solutions, Maksol deals in all.
Maksol offers professional mobile application developers at competitive rate, flexible conditions for win-win situations for both our customer and for us. Our experts can help you to build applications on these platforms:

  • iPhone Mobile Application Development
  • BlackBerry Mobile Application Development
  • Android Mobile Application Development
  • Symbian Mobile Application Development
  • Windows Mobile Application Development

Search Engine Optimization

A superb website with heavy investment may prove good for nothing if it fails to get proper visibility in the search engines. Your dreamed ROI will always remain a dream if your website is not ranked good by search engines. Here comes Search Engine Optimization that takes care of your dreams by maintain a good search ranking of your website.

SEO experts at Maksol can help you to achieve your targeted traffic and goals. While relying on white hat SEO techniques, we claim best visibility of our clients's website in renowned search engines. While relying on a predefined on-site and off-site SEO processes, we got best results for our valuable clients.
Here is how we do it :

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Web Graphics Designing

Our talented designers, art sketchers, visualizers are standing by to help you in providing professional and adorable designs ranging from logos and business cards to web sites and social media presence.

Our solutions are truly customized to meet your goals, well attractive to meet your marketing objectives and yet affordable. We know well about W3C and XHTML standards so tend to maintain in our projects.

Our well experienced designers understand well about the design process and always care about customer satisfaction. We understand about the iterative and collaborative nature of design projects so we have wired our processes in a way that you are always engaged in the process and we will take of your feedback at each step.

Along with web design services, we also offer services for Flash and Action Scripting.
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Dedicated Virtual Teams

Maksol offers his clients to hire offshore dedicated developers to work in technologies that they want. We take responsibility to find and connect best developer as per client's need.

As you hire a dedicated developer through us, our client oriented business model helps our customers to be stress free as it becomes our responsibility to keep quality and efficiency in developer's work. Additionally, we are always flexible if you want to extend or reduce your team.

If wondering why you should hire a virtual resources, here are some benifits that you can attain while hiring a resource through us:

  • No supervision required. We do it for you!
  • 100% Quality Assurace in developer's work.
  • No costly employee benefits: Sick time, holidays or health insurance.
  • No skill training required, in most cases.
  • No need to spend on office setup and office management.
  • Plantey of time for you to weave your business plans.